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At DQ Learnings, we provide a comprehensive training program designed to cover a broad spectrum of modules. Our aim is to equip learners with a profound understanding of Digital Marketing and Data Analytics, ensuring they gain in-depth knowledge in these fields.

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Performance Marketing

Accelerate your marketing skills in just 1 month with our intensive Performance Marketing Expert course. Gain hands-on experience in cutting-edge strategies to drive conversions and optimize campaigns for maximum ROI. Become a certified performance marketing expert ready to excel.

Course Duration - 1 Month

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What you will get in DQL?

DQ Learnings is the most trusted institution for developing and perfecting your digital abilities. DQ Learnings offers a program that is updated,100% Practical, live classes, which delivered by industry experts with a wealth of knowledge. Guaranteed placement with modern digital abilities to ace your field.

  •  16+ Modules
  • Lifetime LMS Access
  • Live Projects
  •  5+ Global Certification
  • 24*7 Trainer Support
  • Dedicated Placement Cell
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What Our Students Have to Say About Us

Beyond Impressed! DQ Learnings provided our students with career-transformed opportunities. 500+ freshers secured their first jobs from DQ Learnings Certification; more than 100 trainees received better salary increases.

How many tools can you be an expert in?

DQ Learnings have put together a thorough list of 50+ digital marketing tools that can assist you, including a few free and premium options. Whether you're looking for new marketing opportunities, lead creation, or client relationship management, this list can serve as the cornerstone of an effective digital marketing system

How many AI tools can you be an expert in?

Over 50+ AI tools that will improve productivity and ease of work. You will receive practical experience and hands-on instruction on all of the tools from DQ Learnings.

How Many Modules Will You Learn?

16+ Modules that are easy to learn and practice, employ a learner-centered approach and provide one-on-one consultations and hands-on training. Modules are designed by experts to help you become proficient so you can accomplish your goal.

Do You Still Have Doubts?

We are always ready to assist you and provide answers to any problems you may have. Give us a call right now; We are available for you! Or don't wait join Our Free Master Class. 

  • Why choose Performance Marketing as a career?
  • Who can Learn Performance Marketing Course?
  • What are the advantages of pursuing a career in Performance Marketing?
  • What is the scope of Performance Marketing in the future?
  • What skills do I need to learn Performance Marketing?
  • What are the potential salary ranges for Performance Marketing roles?
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How Many Certificates Will You Receive?

Create an impression in the crowd! With more than 15+ Global Certifications from reputable organizations such as Digital Quest, Google, SEM, Meta, HubSpot, and alike, you may advance your career to the next level.

DQL Campus

We have a beautiful campus, with modern facilities, including one of the best university online digital libraries of Uttarakhand, India. Our facility enables us to provide our students a supportive community and an engaging learning environment.